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Koa vs. Koa

Birthday week!
Since I was a little kid my grandmother spoiled the crap out of me during my Birthday. Elizabeth (Tis) was her name and she taught me many things, including how to cook #menthatcancook. I miss her dearly. One thing (other than her Chicken and Dumplings) that stuck with me, is my Birthday celebration. There is no freekin’ “day” in mine. It is a full week and my wife, Beth… finally figured it out. I get a week, to celebrate my Birthday... all thanks to Grandma E.

No. 708

Sitting in my home office listening to a Spotify playlist, at volume and just smiling. (maybe having an “adult” iced tea, or as I call it…. #singlemalt) The playlist is one of my favorites, some Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Ratt and Judas Preist. (Rob, frickin’ wails…) But this music brings me back, someplace I needed to go today. Not sure why I just lit this playlist up, but just seems right. Why, because it’s all about the music.

Dirty Secrets of the Portable Audio Industry

Sad - State of Affairs.
For many of those who follow this blog, there have been some (ok, many) trials and tribulations along the path. One thing I set out to do when I began, was to build a High Fidelity audio equipment manufacturer, in the US. I spent almost 2 decades doing Product Development consulting and did it, well. During that timeframe, sending manufacturing overseas became common place, unfortunately for me, I did not understand the scope of  things that happened while I was not doing the "consulting" thing and am assuming most of you, have no clue. So, I am going to fill you in on the portable audio industry, strap in. This is going to annoy the crap out of you. That is what happens when you take the Red Pill...

Dead Cats, do Bounce.

First, a word about cats.
This post is not about DEAD CATS, quite frankly, I like cats. I have two and before the PETA folks go on and start “popping off” on the title, it is just a phrase, grow a thicker skin. BTW – if  you were interested; my two cats are the grey ones: Their names? Pink (right) and Purple, (left) - I know they are grey cats, but those are their names. Pinker is the “chubbier” one… there I go, making fun of FAT CATS, now. I tell her all the time that “big girls need love, too” and she just meows and purrs, I know she likes it! Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post…..

S:One - The Perfect Portable Speaker?

Please note: Princeton Audio’s award-winning S:One speakers are not perfect.

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